mahnaz liaghat, asid
     Principal & Design Director
     Bachelor of Science, concentrated in Interior Design
     NCIDQ certified

     Our reputation has been built on creative solutions, prompt responses, continuity and consistency. Our designs increase general productivity, and ensure a pleasant environment. We are committed to quality. Mahnaz International will produce unique designs to work well with the given specifications of the client. Knowing the needs and demands of the client helps set forth a successful solution.

     Our staff is known for outstanding work throughout the nation, but also in other parts of the world. We are enabled, through our connections, to incorporate a diverse set of techniques with each project. We have developed links to many countries including Denmark, Canada, and Bahrain.

     With over eleven years of experience in Interior Architectural Design at a major firm in Pennsylvania, Mahnaz Liaghat directs the planning, detailing and specifying for each project. She oversees every step of the process, from negotiations through completion. Mahnaz Liaghat was an adjunct professor at LaRoche College for an interior lighting course, and was an instructor oversees involving interior architecture. Her expertise and involvement in many large projects has enabled her to establish partnerships with the best professional support in engineering, general architecture and landscape architecture.

     Mahnaz explains, "We are dedicated to specifying high quality materials…our knowledge of the many products available, and our understanding of the clients needs helps us design an environment which is safe and functional…one that meets the expectations of the client." She continues, "When we interact with the client, and arrive at decisions together, it saves both time and money." She concludes, "We enjoy what we do…we bring images to life."

     *The success of the project is measured by the reactions of the client. It is only successful when you can see the excitement and approval on the client's face.

     *ASID web site.